Macapuno_Verde® Ballistic Research
Our philosophy is based upon knowledge and continuity

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This is a small family business. We do everything by ourself. Our family has already a long tradition into weapons technologie and quality controll. We are permantly improving step by step. In 2014 our son graduated as gunsmith from the traditional Büchsenmacherschule Stadt Suhl in Thüringen. In 2019 he finished his Master Gunsmith course at Meisterschule Büchsenmacher in Ehingen Baden - Würtemberg.

You are are manufacturer of bullets, brass cases, reloading dies or other interesting stuff which the reloading community would love to use? You are located outside of Europe and you do not know the laws concerning your products? You do not know how to advertise your products? You need connection to German distributors? You need an platform to advertise your products? You need someone to testfire your products? You need some new input? Than we are the right choice for you.

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We are focused on ordnance weapons and ordnance ammunition. What we offer is what we shoot. Period. There is no product which is not tested under extensive conditions or under any possible circumstance. What we think is good is what we will offer to our customers. We travel a lot arround the world and we are open for anything new on the market. We worked for many well known manufacturer and we took our expirience with us. There is nothing which can't be improved. Nothing which could not be optimized. Because its not important to know what for something has been created but what for else it could be used! Improvise your thinking, upgrade your knowledge, combine both and project it into a future which has still to be created. This is how we work.